1.Question: What is Poly/PVC Material?

Answer: Polyester/PVC material is a quality, fire rated, fabric cloth which is PVC coated on the inside making this material extremely water resistant.

2.Question: What is the difference between PE and Poly/PVC material?
Answer: Poly/PVC is a very luxurious, deluxe material and is much more expensive to manufacture than PE. The life expectancy is twice that of the PE material.

3.Question: What does Multi-Span mean?
Answer: Multi-Span means you can add an extra 3m or 5m bay to make your Expo Tent larger. For example, ○1if you have a 3m x 3m Expo Tent you can purchase a 3m add on bay, fixings plus a 3m x 6m canopy to make your Expo Tent in to a 3m x 6m marquee. 3m x 6m, 3m x 9m, 3m x 12m canopies are also available to purchase online. This method is also available on the 4m to 12m span ExpoTents.
○2if you have a 15m x 30m Expo Tent you can purchase a 5m add on bay, fixings plus a 15m x 35m canopy to make your Expo Tent in to a 15m x 35m marquee. 15m x 35m, 15m x 40m, 15m x 45m canopies are also available to purchase online. This method is also available on the 10m to 40m span Expo Tents.

4. Question: Please give me your price list?

Answer: Our tent is custom-made, so please tell me

the size you want.

span(width) x length (m)


size:3x3m 、3x6m、 3x9m、 3x12m、 3x15m 、3x18m、 3x21m 、3x24m 、3x27m、 3x30m......


size:6x3m、 6x6m、 6x9m、 6x12m、 6x15m、 6x18m、 6x21m、 6x24m、 6x27m、 6x30m......


size:8x3m、 8x6m、 8x9m、 8x12m、 8x15m、 8x18m、 8x21m、 8x24m、 8x27m、 8x30m......


size:8x3m、 10x6m、 10x9m、 10x12m、 10x15m、 10x18m、 10x21m、 10x24m、 10x27m、 10x30m......


size:15x5m、 15x10m、 15x15m、 15x20m、 15x25m、 15x30m、 15x35m、 15x40m......


size:18x5m、 18x10m、 18x15m、 18x20m、 18x25m、 18x30m、 18x35m、 18x40m......


size:21x5m、 21x10m、 21x15m、 21x20m、 21x25m、 21x30m 、21x35m 、21x40m......


size:25x5m、 25x10m、 25x15m、 25x20m、 25x25m、 25x30m、 25x35m、 25x40m......


size:30x5m、 30x10m、 30x15m、 30x20m、 30x25m、 30x30m、 30x35m、 30x40m......


5. Question: Is it easy to set up the tent?

Answer: Yes, we have video for the tent and we will send it to you.


6.Question: Aluminum tent is too expensive, I need steel tent?

Answer: Steel tent is our-of-date, and it's life is also very shot, so I advise you to use aluminum tent, the aluminum frame life is 10 years, the PVC fabric life is 5 years.


9.How many guests can I accommodate in a tent?
What type of event are you holding? Work out the number of guests, whether they will be seated or standing. Then you possibly need to add on space for dance floors, stages, reception areas. As a general rule of thumb you need 0.7sq.m(8 sq ft) minimum per person for a standing event, 1.4sq.m(15 sq ft) per person minimum if they are seated. Our advisors will be able to inform you of the size tent you need.


10.May I set up the tent at any size I like?

Of course,If you buy a tent 20x60m from us,you can just set up 20x25m,20x30m,20x35m,…,20x55m or 20x60m according your requirements.Besides,if you buy three front gables,one tent even can be divided into two tents.


11. How to fix tent on the ground?

we can fix tent on any grounds with Expansion screw/Steel nail/Loading system.
1)If the ground can be danaged such as cement floor or tarmac floor,It can be use the expansion screw to fix.
2)If the ground is the loose ground such as the sand and lawn,It can use steel nail to fix.
3)If the ground can't damaged such as marble and tile,It must use the loading system.


12. What's the difference between luxury pagoda tent and simple pagoda tent?

1) material: the main frame of luxury pagoda tent is square aluminium tube; while the main frame for simple pagoda tent is round aluminium tube.

2) the top design: the top design for luxury pagoda tent is arc; while the simple pagoda tent is cables.


13. What size marquee will I need?
There are many factors to consider when determining the size of the marquee required for your event. Some factors that need to be considered include:

  • Available space to fit the marquee

  • The type of event, e.g. wedding, birthday party, corporate event etc.

  • The number of expected guests

  • Whether the guests be seated at tables

  • If so, what style of tables you prefer (Refer to the sketches under 'Tables' for estimated space requirements) - Don't forget that a formal head table will take up more space than your guest tables

  • Whether you require a stage, dance floor, buffet tables or other furniture in the marquee

Our helpful sales consultants will suggest the appropriate size based on your personal needs.

14. How do I know if my site is suitable for installing a marquee?
Most surfaces are suitable for installing a marquee. Usually we use pegs driven into grass surfaces or natural ground, but on surfaces where marquees cannot be pegged into the ground (such as on paving, concrete or asphalt) steel or concrete weights can be used. There is a small additional charge to place and remove these heavy weights.

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